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A High-Tech Scavenger Hunt
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

As the entertainment technology in our homes becomes more advanced, there are fewer reasons than ever to leave the house and enjoy nature. In general, the games on our phones, computers, and televisions keep us glued to the couch. However, there is an exception to this rule. It is called geocaching, and it is a fun activity that mixes technology and old-fashioned exploring.

The rules of geocaching are simple. Your task is to find a hidden container called a “geocache” using a Global Positioning System, or GPS. That means typing the coordinates of a geocache into your smartphone’s map software, then following the map to the hidden treasure. The hidden geocache was put there by another player, who posted its location to an online list.

A typical geocache is a small waterproof container. It contains a logbook where treasure hunters can add their name to prove that they were there. Some geocaches contain small toys or trinkets. But for geocache players, the hunt is more important than the treasure. It’s the task of finding the geocache that matters most to players. Their search might take them through unexplored forests, tranquil streams, peaceful parks, or unfamiliar streets.

Some hunters will leave items behind in a discovered geocache. They might leave interesting coins, books, buttons, or trinkets. The next person to find them can take them home, or better yet, pass them on to a new geocache. In this way, items can end up traveling far from home, carried by many different hands.

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