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A Little Piece of Home
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

As a long-distance truck driver, I spend days at a time away from home. It can be difficult to be away from familiar surroundings, and in order to stay sane, one has to find ways of bringing the comforts of home to the road. For example, I always take my pillow with me so that no matter where I lay my head, it’s resting on a little piece of home. I fill my truck with pictures of my family so that I feel like they are surrounding me even when they are far away.

But the best way to feel at home on the road is to enjoy a meal at a local diner. We truckers generally stick to the same kinds of diners: places where the waitress remembers your name and the way you like your coffee, even if you only stop by once every few weeks. I’ll admit, the places where I eat will never win any awards for unique and adventurous meals, but they win a gold medal from me for hominess and heart. Given the choice, I’ll take a plate of eggs and a hot cup of coffee served by a friendly face over a five-star meal at the fanciest restaurant in town.

If a diner can make us truckers feel comfortable and welcome, they are guaranteed to have the most loyal, grateful set of customers that a business could ever ask for. We may laugh a bit loudly, eat a bit slowly, and sometimes linger for hours over our coffee, but we’re sure to leave a big tip and be back again on our next trip.

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