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Daily Bread
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

Gregg Segal is a photographer who is interested in the cultures of the world. Some photographers simply aim to capture a lovely scene or a unique face. But Segal wants to use his photos to tell a story.

Segal’s most successful project to date is called Daily Bread. Daily Bread is a series of forty-three photos that show children from around the world. In each photo, the child is laid out on a rug, cloth, or other bright surface. The child is surrounded by the food he or she ate over the course of a week.

The photos are funny and full of life. Majo from Germany smiles ever so slightly at the camera. He is surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as hearty sausages and desserts. Majo is a soccer player; he is dressed in his team uniform and holds a soccer ball. Isaiah from California is sharply dressed, with bright yellow shoes and an eye-catching Superman t-shirt. He flashes a gleaming silver smile, showing off his braces for the camera. Isaiah is surrounded by fast food: chicken tenders, burritos, pizza, and french fries.

Segal explains, “I’m focusing on kids because eating habits form when we’re young. These habits often pave the way to chronic health problems.” His photos tell a story, but also share a warning. Across the world, poor eating habits are leading to skyrocketing obesity and other health problems. Segal hopes that Daily Bread can inspire people to make better choices about their diet.

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