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Dining in the Dark
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

Our reservations were for 7:00pm. We arrived at the restaurant early, and I sat skeptically waiting for the experience to begin. Unlike my husband, I had never been to a restaurant like “Dining in the Dark” before, and I did not know quite what to expect.

Our waiter arrived, and he instructed each of us to take him by the arm and follow him into the dining room. When we passed through the heavy black curtain, we were greeted with complete and utter darkness. Our waiter, however, led us without hesitation toward our chairs. With some difficulty, we sat ourselves down and groped around the table to find silverware and a cloth napkin set before us.

All at once, we heard the sound of dishes being set before us. Our waiter had carried two bowls of soup, two glasses of lemonade, and two plates piled high with food to us in complete darkness without spilling a single thing. I marveled at this for a moment, and then realized that to him, the restaurant was not dark at all. It simply existed in a world without sight. Our waiter, like all the other staff at “Dining in the Dark,” was blind.

I’m still unsure of what exactly we ate. I remember bursts of flavor, strange and delightful textures, and fragrant smells. The absence of sight seemed to heighten our other senses and made the meal taste all the more delicious. All in all, I would describe our visit to the strange and unique “Dining in the Dark” as a wonderful restaurant experience.

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