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Moving Day
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

Sometimes, you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. I learned that lesson many summers ago on a hot July afternoon. It was moving day, and my parents had spent the morning packing every item we owned into a large truck. My clothes, my soccer trophies, my old toys: every single item that I called my own was packed away into cardboard boxes and hauled to the truck.

I was excited to move into the creaky, charming old house on Oak Street. It was different in every way from the boring box I had grown up in. It seemed like there were secrets waiting to be discovered behind every closet door and around every corner. Moreover, it was a chance to start again in a new place. I was twelve years old, and that magical two at the end of my age meant that I was just one year away from becoming a teenager.

I promised myself that my new room would represent the wiser, more mature me. The toys, the childish drawings, and the stuffed animals would all be left in their boxes. In their place would be the items that represented my soon-to-be teenage self. Those items included posters of my favorite soccer players, a beanbag chair given to me by my uncle, and most importantly, a picture of my one true love: Amy, my first girlfriend.

But when we arrived at the house on Oak Street and I eagerly ran upstairs to my bedroom, I was disappointed by what I saw. The walls were an awful shade of faded green. The carpet felt rough and unfamiliar under my feet. Worst of all, I could no longer see my old treehouse from my window. In its place was the most ordinary and boring of lampposts. At that moment, I would have given anything just to return to my old bedroom one last time.

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