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Wuz Yer Name?
A Reading Comprehension Passage by Common Core Texts

It was the first day of third grade. I sat alone in the cafeteria, a painfully shy girl of eight years old, staring at my shoes and hoping that no one would try to talk to me. Suddenly, I looked up to see a girl in a purple dress stomping confidently toward me. She was pumping her fists as she walked, and I remember being terrified that she was walking over to sock me in the mouth.

The girl stopped at the edge of my table. “Wuz yer name?” she demanded.

“Wh-wh-what?” I stammered out in reply.

“WHAT. IS. YOUR. NAME. KID?” she nearly shouted at me, drawing out every word as though each was its own separate question.

“Christina. My name is Christina.” I finally replied, terrified at what would come next.

“Christina, we are going to be best friends!” the girl announced. Having delivered that message, she stomped off again.

The girl in the purple dress was true to her word. Her name, it turned out, was Lea, and she sat directly behind me in Ms. Russo’s third-grade classroom. From the very first day we met, Lea insisted that we go everywhere and do everything together.

Ten years later, we are still best friends, and I’m still not sure if I ever had a choice in the matter. Lea is everything that I am not: confident when I am scared, brash when I am deferential, and outspoken when I am shy. I suppose it just goes to show that opposites attract.

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